Ms. Alondra, RDA


Ms. Alondra graduated from Ridgeway High School in 2018 and completed her Dental assistant program in 2020.  She is excited to join our dental family with enthusiasm as she assistant Dr. Freeman with the care of ensuring every patient feels safe and secure during their dental experience. She loves reassuring the patients of their treatment and very inviting for any questions or concerns the patient or parent may have before or after treatment.


Her specialty as a team member is floating from front office and the clinical area without the use of a magic carpet:).  When Alondra is not caring for her patients, she is spending time with family.  She is the oldest out of three siblings.  Her favorite things to do are going out to eat, watching movies and trying diy projects seen on YouTube.


" Keep your face to the sunshine and you can't see a shadow"


What was your favorite child-hood memory?

When my dad came home from work and took me to Chuck e Cheese.


Where would you like to go for your "dream" vacation?

Going to Mexico and meeting family


If you could be a teenager again what advice would you give yourself?

Don't let other opinions influence your actions,...losing an eyebrow was not worth it!!