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Ms. Ginny, RDA


Ms. Ginny Smith attended Concorde Career College and graduated in 2003. She has received her CPR, sealant, nitrous oxide monitoring and coronal polisher certificate.


 She is a happy single mother of 3 sons, Cody, Cory and Aidan. Her life has been dedicated to raising her boys to have a heart for the Lord! She also has her own crafting business “Precious Annabella” and its one of her many blessings God has given her.


Whenever she receives a break she loves spending time swimming, reading and spending time with her family.


“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”


Who/What inspires you?

My son Corey is who inspires me. His ability to live and exceed past the typical autistic stereotypes that the world we live in places children with disabilities today absolutely inspires me past all I have ever witnessed. He does this with the kindest heart, the most opened mind and the best hugs. It’s not always true that special need children are given to the parents as a blessing to the child. Corey was given to me as a blessing to me. He was placed in my life to show me how to live, love, and accept people for just who they are.


If you could grant someone a wish…who would it be for and why?

I would grant my mother a wish of peace. She is an angel. She is my

rock, my mother, and my friend. She deserves nothing but peace.

She deserves happiness and to begin and end each day with a smile.


If you could be a teenager again what advice would you give yourself?

Slow down and embrace your childhood and teenage years.  Hold on to everything that is pure and remember to stand out amongst your peers.  Be obedient to the Lord and wait for his blessings.



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