COVID 19 Update



We are all part of a new normal, but as health practitioners, we have always practiced safety and infection control protocols. As a healthcare practice, we also have a new normal and we are doing everything we can on our end to keep you and our team safe. Your health and safety come first. You are our priority. Your health is our priority.


How will my Appointment be different?


  1. Due to new CDC guidelines, we have reduced the number of patients we can see each day. This is for your safety and ours.
  2. We will have you sign in for your appointment via text or call and we will have you wait in the car until we are ready for your appointment.
  3. Once inside, we will maintain adequate social distancing. We ask that you not bring children that are not being seen
  4. We will be asking you to keep us safe as well, by asking screening questions before and when you arrive, taking your temperature, and asking that you wear a protective face cover. Surgical mask will not be required as we are preserving this PPE for Healthcare workers on the front line.


What are we doing to keep things Safe when you arrive?


We have always practiced infection control standards, and we are doing so many more things since COVID-19 to ensure you (and our team) are safe and healthy. To ease your mind, here are just a few things we are doing to protect you.

  1. Wellness Health Screening of each patient, team member and doctors.
  2. Curbside waiting Room
  3. We implement hospital-level sterilization here at our practice.
  4. When you visit our office, we may look a little different to keep everyone safe! We have increased our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). When you arrive, we may be wearing a surgical gown along with a surgical mask, gloves, and face shield.
  5. We are utilizing High output Ozone generators to effectively sanitize all surface areas
  6. We have partnered with Surgically Clean Air to install Medical Grade Air Purifiers. This will provide 6 stage Filtration and Sterilization of our office environment to remove bacteria and viruses.