Ms. Erica


Ms. Erica is our newest orthodontics assistant who will greet you as your child receives their orthodontics treatment.  She jumped right into our busy schedule without missing a beat. She is very confident with her ortho skills and has done a tremendous job educating our patients on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene while in braces or Invisalign.


Ms. Erica often expresses her love for children and the importance of educating them to maintain a healthy mouth. Moreover, she understands how it takes a village to instill the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth being a mom to a 9 year old son.


Ms. Craig loves to travel, indulge in junk food and love experimenting with make-up.


“Always try to put yourself in other's shoes because you never know what they are facing”.


What a was your 1st career choice?

Esthetician...I love all things beauty. However, I didn’t enjoy the waxing.


If you could be a teenager again what advice would you give yourself?

Don't wish you could grow up and be independent! Enjoy it!


If you could grant someone a wish...who would it be for and why?

My grandmother because she is the most selfless human I have ever met, and she deserves anything!!